MDC Live Arts 2020 LALA Residency

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Superficie is a response to our connections between the natural and man-made world, how our haptic senses respond to environmental impulses. A collaborative experimental work with filmmaker, Mateo Serna Zapata.

Official Selection:

Miami International Performance Festival 2020 (Miami, FL USA)

2020 Daniel Lewis Miami Dance Sampler (Miami, FL USA)

C-res En Movimiento Festival 2020 (Chile)

Filmfest by Rogue Dancer

ScreenDance Miami Festival 2021

Pedestrian Gestures

A short experimental film created by a mother and her sons during the Quarantine.

Official Selection:

305/HAVANA IFF 2020 (Miami, FL USA &  La Habana, CUBA)

2020 #mydancefilm Dance on Camera Festival (New York, NY USA)



A site-specific work is set and inspired at the historic Hialeah Park (Hialeah Park Studios). This live performance explores notions of luck and fortune in early Miami through the dichotomy of the human spirit that conceived it and the majestic horses that manifested it. Luck will activate spaces on-site, where the likes of Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, and the Rat Pack once visited. First opened for thoroughbred racing in 1925 by Glenn Curtis and James H. Bright, Hialeah Park Race Track is the oldest existing recreational facility in Southeast Florida. Known for its beautiful European-inspired architecture, rich history of thoroughbred racing, and Audubon bird sanctuary featuring the iconic pink flamingos, the site has transformed and evolved over the course of its 90+ years.

This premiere was commissioned by the Pioneer Winter Collective and its site-specific performance initiative GRASS STAINS, supported by the John and James L. Knight Foundation, as well as the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners.

Hilos (work in progress)

Explores the ties women have to their country after being forcefully uprooted. What do we keep? Who do we leave behind? “Hilos” is an Performance Art that incorporates installation, sound/video design, and movement to expose migration through the eyes of women.

The Nelken Line: Miami

Filmed along the bay at Museum Park, The Nelken Line Miami is a moving postcard to The Pina Bausch Foundation. In 2017, the Foundation extended the call for submissions for participants all over the world. Miami has it’s fair share if Pina admirers and with the help of Jessica Farr, we were able to organize the Line in Miami. Artists, educators, writers, and Miami lovers arrived bright and early on a April Saturday morning to participate. The result is a short film that highlights the Miami’s ever-growing skyline along the pristine waters of Biscayne Bay.

String Theory

A work-in-progress that is inspired by Michael Green and John Schwarz’s “String theory” which attempts to unify the four forces in the universe — electromagnetic force, the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, and gravity — together into one unified theory. Performed at the Daniel Lewis Miami Dance Sampler October 2017.


A performance installation that celebrates diversity and the unity. This work will premiere during the World OutGames Miami’s “Pulse Points” at the New World Center, June 1st, 2017. Where there is chaos, we find peace. Where there is fear, we find courage. Where there is hate, we find love.


For: Shame From: ______ 

A multi-disciplinary work that examines the perceived social and cultural norms adhered by women for women. From the clothes they wear to the shape of their bodies, women are at contact odds with themselves and each other.


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Iinitially commissioned by the Miami-Dade Public LIbrary System’s Main Branch for a site-specific performance on December 19th, 2014. Since then, we  collaborated with filmmaker, Claudio Marcotulli to create the dance on film version which was presented at the Miami Book Fair and Art Basel 2016.

T.M.I. (too much information)

An even-lengths multidisciplinary work that will engages the audience to look at how we use and abuse technology. How our forms of communication have evolved in ways that instantaneously connect us but also isolate us.  With the use of dance, theatre, film, animation and sound, T.M.I. is a social and cultural project that is current with the times and whose purpose is to bring awareness to our community and ourselves.